At Parkside Community, we strive to assist our Elders not only with their physical needs but also with their overall well-being. Our services don’t end at assisting with the activities of daily living. We assist Elders in all aspects of their lives by developing a personal growth plan with them and reviewing it on a regular basis.  It is designed to improve their well-being and allows them to enjoy their life to the fullest at Parkside Community.

Personal Growth Plan

Elders are individuals who deserve the best. Therefore, at Parkside Community, we welcome families to sit down and chat about how we can suit the specific needs and desires of loved ones.

Our Personal Growth Plan is rooted in a deep respect for our Elders and an understanding of them as unique individuals. As such, the plan is committed to fulfilling Elders to the greatest extent possible, always modeled to maintain dignity and build self-esteem. When designing a Personal Growth Plan, we seriously consider the social, physical, dietary, spiritual, and health needs and preferences of our Elders.

Our goal at Parkside Community is to develop a Personal Growth Plan that is specific to each individual and encompasses the "whole" person. We believe that each Elder, no matter what their physical and mental capacity, still deserves to be cared for as a unique human being.

A Wide Range of Services

Committed to the well-being of our Elders we are delighted to offer a range of services.

  • 24-Hour Care: To ensure that our Elders feel comfortable and confident, we offer full-time assistance and supervision.
  • Consistent Medical Attention: We work closely with physicians to ensure that our Elders are receiving the healthiest care possible.
  • Healthy Diet: Our meals are tasty, healthy, and social. Mealtime is an opportunity for Elders to satisfy their appetite in addition to meet and chat with friends. Mealtime also gives our staff a chance to serve and care for Elders; keeping track of appetite and overall health.
  • Beauty Care: We offer our Elders hair salon services to ensure they look and feel their best!
  • Housekeeping: We take care of all housekeeping chores, including dishes, vacuuming, and laundry.
  • Entertainment: Cable TV, a range of movies and a variety of music are available.
  • Independence: Our Elders can roam the grounds freely in a safe and secure community.

Due to our commitment and respect for our Elders, we consistently offer to do more. When it comes to providing services for our Elders, the sky's the limit!

Keeping Active Is Very Important!

Due to the connection between recreation and well-being, Parkside Community is committed to providing a range of diverse and stimulating activities. Our activity program is designed to match personal abilities, be enjoyable, and provide social stimulation.

Plenty Of Activities To Choose From:

  • Exercise Class
  • Bingo
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Carpet Bowling
  • Billiards
  • Tile Rummy
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Birthday Parties
  • Outings: Bakery, Lakes, Festivals

Of course, our Elders are unique individuals with a range of interests and abilities. As such, we always encourage Elders to participate in activities that will facilitate growth, yet also promote enjoyment. We always respect the limitations of our Elders and are happy to tailor activities so everyone can enjoy them.