Parkside Community is designed for Elders seeking a tranquil, comfortable, and independent lifestyle. Elders are offered a unique and positive blend of independence and specialized care. Our primary programs are:

  • Independent Supportive Living
  • Assisted Living

Social interaction, alongside physical and mental stimulation, is key to the positive atmosphere cultivated at Parkside. As such, there are many opportunities for our Elders to share community with each other. Examples include parties, afternoon tea, fashion shows, and birthday celebrations. Nevertheless, our Elders retain their privacy and independence in the form of a 'Personal Growth Plan' while living in their own personalized suite.

In addition to providing a healthy lifestyle for our Elders, our services positively affect the lifestyle of family members. Elders are offered autonomy and their family and friends are still given every opportunity to be actively involved in the life of their loved ones.

The lifestyle offered at Parkside is uplifting and healthy. We always include priceless intangibles that are essential to a fulfilling life: concern, comfort, companionship, compassion, respect and human dignity.

What is assisted living?

Aging doesn't have to mean that you lose your zest for life and your ability to do things on your own. In fact, it's quite the opposite. You now have more free time, freedom, and you don't have to wash your own dishes!

Assisted living is a semi-independent form of housing that is regulated by the Assisted Living Registrar in B.C.

To live in Assisted Living, you must be able to direct and make decisions about your care and the ability to respond appropriately and safely in an emergency.

Parkside Community offers optional assistance in your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Our nurses provide both clinical and management oversight.

We also offer daily social activities and scheduled outings.

Contact us for further information about ADLs.