Western Cocktail Party

Our elders travel back in time with a western cocktail party!

At Parkside Community, we love kickin it old school with a fun filled western cocktail party!

One of the most romanticized periods in history, everyone loves the American West. Whether you're drawn to the heroism of gritty sheriff's fighting to serve and protect, intrigued by vast expanses of uncharted territory or partial to the grand, western romance, the wild wild west has something for everyone.

At Parkside Community, we decided to embrace western fashion, music, and dancing at our western cocktail party. Many Parkside folks came dressed in cowboy hats, bandannas and cowboy boots. Other folks kicked up their heels on the dance floor, showing off their two steppin skills.

Geoff Morris, a very talented singer from Kamloops, provided the music for the evening. Geoff entertained our community with a variety of classic and modern songs. Geoff covered Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.

Geoff is not only a Parkside favorite, he’s also a Kamloops star. After winning the Kamloops Budweiser Country Talent search, Geoff went to Nashville and met a series of music stars, inspiring him to further fine-tune his musical skills. Geoff is also a second place winner in the BC Country Music Talent search and a performer at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival!

Our Elders were so delighted to welcome a local favorite into our home. His music, combined with our enthusiastic, fashionable and two stepping skilled Elders, made for a memorable night of singing, dancing and laughing.