A Spooky Halloween Parade at Parkside Community!


What's your favourite part about halloween? For some people it's the wide array of delicious candy. For others it's the opportunity to pull that scary costume out of the closet, cover their face with paint and scare the neighbours. For some, it's the excuse to pull fun, harmless tricks on their friends.

At Parkside Community, our favourite thing about Halloween is meeting the local children and seeing their wonderful, creative and spooky costumes. Every year we invite over 100 children from our local elementary school to our dining room where they parade around, showing off their costumes and gather candy from our Elders.

Our Elders love to see the care and attention the local children put into their costumes. Last year we had a whole host of wonderful costumes. One child came as the mighty Thor from Marvel Comic Books, while his sister came as the wild and beautiful Merida from Disney's Brave. We also had spooky witches, a fireman, a pumpkin, and more!

As a community, we love embracing the local children in all of their spookiness! At Parkside Community, we're not only committed to developing deep and supportive relationships between Elders and staff, but also between our home and other homes in Chase.

There are no tricks at Parkside Community's halloween, just treats and smiles. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful teachers and our staff who helped make our Halloween a delightful success. We're also very thankful for all the children who came by to scare us with their spooky costumes!