Scrumptious Sundaes on a Sunday

We're ice cream lovers over here at Parkside Community, but who isn't?

You can tell a lot about a person from their ice cream eating habits. For example, how do you eat ice cream? Do you ravenously attack the ice cream or do you caress it? Some people gobble it up, munching like there's no tomorrow. Others treat ice cream like a delicate flower, gently spooning modest amounts into their mouths.

How about ice cream flavours? Are you classically elegant, embracing the vanilla flavoured ice cream? Or do you have a wild side with a preference for the odd and strange? If so, you're probably drawn to funky flavours like sweet corn on the cob or Vietnamese coffee.

Because we're committed to learning all about our residents and their unique identities, we're always looking for new activities to learn more. We're also committed to delicious food, so Sunday sundaes seemed like the perfect option! We provided each resident with a colorful, empty sundae glass and invited everyone to go wild, taking their pick from a wide variety of flavours, such as chocolate and strawberry. We also provided a range of toppings, such as sprinkles and chocolate sauce!

During our sundae session we learnt a lot about each other. One thing we certainly learnt was that, regardless of how you enjoy eating ice cream, everyone enjoys eating a delicious sundae surrounded by friends.

We're so grateful for our wonderful kitchen staff, general staff and organizers for putting on this event. Even more so, we're grateful for our residents for making this event so delightful!