Senior Living With

Independence & Care

Parkside Community offers customized independent and assisted living services which include; housekeeping ,dining, and social activities. Live in your own studio, one bedroom or two bedroom suite which can be personalized to make it your own.  Meals are cooked from scratch and our a la carte daily menu offers choices that cater  to individual tastes. As needs change other services and care can provided by our skilled 24 hour  Registered Care-Aide staff working with the support of our LPN.

We Are an Eden Registered Community

At Parkside Community, we don’t just assist in the comfortable lifestyle of our Elders - we work to improve their well-being. In addition to providing customized independent and assisted living services, we are proud to be an Eden Registry Member that offers programs to improve your lifestyle such as Personal Growth Plans

Live your life your way in your very own studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom suite. Enjoy meals cooked from scratch and feel the comfort of having skilled, 24-hour Registered Care Aide staff with nursing oversight available to you.

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What is Assisted Living?

Aging doesn’t have to mean that you lose your zest for life and your ability to do things on your own. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You now have more free time, freedom, and you don’t have to wash your own dishes!

Assisted living is a semi-independent form of housing that is regulated by the Assisted Living Registrar in B.C. 

To live in Assisted Living, you must be able to direct and make decisions about your care and have the ability to respond appropriately and safely in an emergency. 

Parkside Community offers optional assistance in your activities of daily living (ADLs) and our nurse provides both clinical and management oversight.

We also offer daily social activities and scheduled outings. 

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Our Mission

Parkside Community strives to promote healthy living and offer meaningful activities that celebrate the unique qualities of our Elders. We recognize that our Elders, their families, our staff, and volunteers are all part of a Care Partner team. Our Elders have the right to receive care, but must also be given every opportunity to care for themselves and each other.

We understand that the spontaneity in everyday life is as important as the natural rhythm of daily living, which is why Parkside Community provides an atmosphere that encourages and supports continued growth of all of our Care Partners, and especially our Elders.