Who We Are

Rooted in the philosophy that no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow, Parkside Community is a unique living facility for both our Elders and Care Partners. Parkside Community embraces the fact that our Elders deserve a combination of individual care, companionship, and independence.

Juergen Mueller
General Manager

Juergen is a very caring person who also has great organizational and management skills. This has allowed him to develop a culture and staff that really focuses on the care and well-being of the Elders. 

A very observant person who willfully takes on the many challenges of running a care business, Juergen pays great attention to detail and good practices. He hires talented people who have compassion for others and motivates them to continually provide their best effort. It is important to him that every person (Elder and staff) is treated as a valuable individual with their own specific needs and desires.

On the social side, Juergen takes great pride in welcoming Elders and their families, as well as visitors, to Parkside Community. He likes to explain the processes of great care and to help people solve their problems. And he really enjoys chatting with the Elders about their myriad of life experiences.

Amanda Engel
Care Aide

Amanda has an energy and exuberance the Elders love! She always seems to be smiling and in search of fun. When she walks into a room, the atmosphere immediately perks up. 

At the same time, she is a great communicator. In addition to having the gift of gab, Amanda has a natural ability to listen. These skills put Elders at ease and encourages them to open up and voice their concerns. That allows her (and all of us) to tailor our care to each individual Elder. She also works closely with the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) to ensure there is clear communication between the Doctors and our staff. 

Amanda is a local girl and has been a resident of Chase her entire life. If you want to hear some wonderful stories about life in Chase, certainly look her up when you come to visit Parkside Community.

What is A Care Partner?

Our Care Partners are experienced personal care staff that provides individualized support to our Elders 24 hours a day, under the supervision of our LPN.  Not only do our Care Partners offer necessary care to our Elders; they also provide friendship and compassion.

The staff at Parkside Community is a hard-working team that creates superior independent supportive and assisted living environments. Care Partners work diligently to assist when needed but also know when to step back and allow the Elders to embrace their independence.

At Parkside Community, we don’t just provide a comfortable lifestyle for our Elders - we work to improve their well-being.