Parkside Community has made 5 new suites available! We want to make your life better by giving $10,000 cash to the next 5 people to sign a residency agreement by August 31, 2017. It's time to make your ‘’Wish List’’ a reality.

Put your cash towards:

New furniture for your Parkside suite

Payoff any prior debt

Prepay your rent

Help family with a house down payment

Post-secondary education for your grandkids

Vacation with family

Save up to $2,500 per month in Residency Fees

Out with the old and in with the new

We have the perfect alternative to your old, rundown, and expensive accommodations in the rainy Lower Mainland.

Parkside Community in sunny Chase, BC is a registered Eden Alternative Community. We are locally owned and operated dedicated to putting quality care first. At Parkside, you get better care, better amenities, and so much more for less.

Warm and friendly staff

Modern suites and amenities

Spacious hallways and high ceilings

Neat and tidy

Clean and bright

Gourmet food

White glove moving experience

A big move can be daunting so let us handle all of the hassle. Enjoy the Parkside white-glove moving experience. We will take care of all your moving expenses and logistics.

Good friends stick together

Celebrate friendship in the best way possible when you and 2+ of your friends make the move to Parkside. We'll send your group on a vacation while we move you!

Your $10,000 Awaits

Contact us today for more details
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