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We are happy that you have come to visit our website. We are also very proud to introduce you to our lovely home where seniors enjoy life with the advantages of having independent supportive living and assisted living services at their fingertips. This provides our Elders (and their families) with the many benefits of our heart-felt care, enjoyable activities and genuine companionship while living in the beautiful Chase and the Shuswap Lake area.

We Have Lots Of Information To Share

Our website is chock full of information. You can learn about:

  • All the things we do.
  • All the things our Elders do.
  • What makes our staff so special.
  • Experiences of Elders and their family members.
  • And even our fee structure.

We also share our expertise in senior care through Caregiver Tips, and update our Activity Scrapbook on a regular basis.

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Activities for seniors

Lots of Photos:

It Must Be

In addition, with certain pictures on this website (such as the one to the upper right), you can click on the "Play Video" arrow to listen to us discuss related topics or view a slide show. We hope you will take the time to look and listen.

Our Goal Is To Help You

During this website visit, we want to help you understand the benefits of independent supportive living and assisted living services, along with what is entailed in providing exceptional care for seniors with limitations and disabilities. In addition, we want to assist in the process of making, what for many, is a very difficult decision. We do this by filling the role of a facilitator and counselor - providing knowledge, experience and expertise.

Viewing and listening to our website starts this process. The next step is for you to come by and visit, meet our remarkable staff and ask the specific questions that are on your mind.

Thank You For Visiting


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